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Jason and Danielle Boyle - Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City

Prayer Update

We are grateful that we can say we are settled in and very happy to live here in Mexico City. We are in the midst of exams, which will finish up the first section of our intensive language study. Jason will move onto level 4 and Danielle to level 2. We are learning and improving much, but it is a constant barrier when it comes to making connections with people. We see this year of language study as very important to the ministry, as, later on, we don’t want it to hinder the proclamation and furtherance of the gospel. We need prayer for encouragement (aka progress), perseverance, and focused minds to not lose track of the mission set before us.

Jason and Danielle Boyle

Jason has a great opportunity preaching at a church here in the city that is without a pastor. He goes every few weeks (sermon preparation takes a little while) to preach in the evening service. A few men of the church have been alternating as lay preachers. Please pray that his messages will be both instructive and encouraging to this small group of believers.

Please do pray for our health; I believe we are still adjusting to the environment/climate and it can make some days rather difficult. Also, do rejoice with us that God has provided for all our needs so beautifully. He has, in His own ways, given us more than we need and we praise Him for it. Some things, such as a dryer, are uncommon here in Mexico and we feel so blessed to have it. Also pray that tracts handed out would be the means of bringing men and women to the knowledge of salvation.

Since we’ve fallen into the routine of language study, we’ve thought about the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met and the churches we’ve visited. We remember the handshakes and the conversations in homes and all the assurances of prayer from young and old. Your prayers are so dear to us. It is a marvelous thing to be joined together in the body of Christ, and it warms our heart to think of you all.

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