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Report from Joanne Greer

We had a Games Day with our Paynesville children on November 29, a national holiday. We had planned to hold this on Independence Day (July 26) as we did last year, but the robbery occurred on July 23 so everything was cancelled. The kids enjoyed games and food, and then all the helpers came to Dwazone for pizza and ice-cream! As we were driving the helpers home that night, we were saddened to see many children and young people drinking and hanging around the clubs. Truly, the work in which we’re involved seems like just a drop in the ocean of sin and depravity all around us, but we know that the Lord can use even the small things to bring about great good for His glory.

Our Children’s Day in Paynesville is quickly approaching on December 15 – please pray that parents will attend and will be spoken to by the Word in song and recitation, and that the kids will be encouraged in their learning.

The Bible Club in Balla Creek is going steadily – we have dropped down to about 25 children who come faithfully each week and are really interested in the meetings. We have recommenced monthly women’s meetings in Paynesville, and this month we’re starting to meet with the Balla Creek ladies. Pray for our women – they work very hard to try to find food and school fees for their families and as a result they often find it difficult to make time for meetings. Several of them cannot read. Pray for wisdom for me as I teach God’s Word to these dear ladies.

A note of thanksgiving – we’ve been able to buy a new generator which we just got up and running a couple of days ago, and so far it’s going well. (I say “we”, but of course I didn’t have anything to do with it. But I do have to learn how to use it now.) It’s wonderful to be able to use the washing machine and iron again, to have hot water, and to sleep in an air-conditioned room – all these luxuries make life so much easier!

David DiCanio

Currently our Presbytery has four Mission Churches in Liberia under the supervision of our Mission Board. Ongoing efforts are being made to train church pastors and workers. It is hoped that soon we will have full-time personnel on the ground to advance this work. Presently intensive training is done during visits by Mission Board chairman, Dr. Mark Allison (Senior Pastor – Malvern, PA Free Presbyterian Church).

Rev. David Dicanio, missionary-at-large, is taking the lead on this missionary work and has been living in Monrovia, Liberia since his ordination in 2010.

Excerpts from a recent article in Harvest Times newsletter:

Liberia is struggling to recover from a 14-year civil war that decimated the country’s infrastructure. The churches were also affected, lacking a solid Gospel witness during that time. Rev. DiCanio said, “My burden for the Pastors is that they might know God’s power upon their ministries, especially in the preaching of the Gospel.”

Rev. DiCanio is lecturing on European, North American, and African Church History. Ten students meet with him for the Theological Training Classes. “African Christians don’t often learn about the great 16th century revival in Europe,” DiCanio said.

The four pastors of the FP Mission Churches have just started meeting together in a “Pastor’s Interim Committee,” which oversees the works of the churches. The Mission Board of North America approved the purchase of much-needed supplementary materials for the two FP Christian Schools that currently exist in the Monrovia area.

Rev. DiCanio hopes to introduce a number of teacher’s manuals “for Christian schools” to help present subjects like Math, Economics, Science, Civics and History from a Biblical perspective.

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