Faith Free Presbyterian Church

Faith Free Presbyterian Church

The Free Presbyterian Church of North America is the fruit of the vision and ministry of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster (Northern Ireland). That church was formed in 1951 as a testimony to the historic faith of Presbyterians, a faith that emphasized the inspiration and authority of Scripture against the liberal, rationalist infidelity that had made serious inroads into Presbyterianism in Ireland and most other places.

You can read more about our history.

What does “Free” mean?

It has nothing to do with “free will” and does not mean that we believe we are free to do whatever we want. Far from it. The original founders of the denomination broke free from a Presbyterian church which had left its doctrinal roots, accepting within its leadership those that openly espoused heresy.

To this day, we remain free from associations that obscure and hinder the plain message of the gospel and from any groups that have departed from the authority of Scripture.

If you’d like to get an idea of what we’re like, aside from actually visiting in person, the next best thing to do is to listen to a few of our sermons. That will help you to see the high place Scripture holds in the heart of each member.

What we teach

The oversight of our congregation together with the oversight of the whole denomination, subscribe to the theology of the Westminster Standards (the Confession, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism).

While we maintain that Scripture holds the supreme authority, we believe that these documents are helpful in teaching the substance of scriptural truth on major points of doctrine.

Thus, since Scripture is our ultimate authority, we have been willing to modify the Confessional statements in a few places to adequately address the concerns and needs of the church in our own day (our denomination’s Book of Church Order contains the version of the Confession to which our ministers and elders subscribe).