Senior Minister
Rev. Armen Thomassian is the Senior Minister of Faith Free Presbyterian Church.

Born in Scotland and raised in his mother’s homeland of Northern Ireland, Rev. Armen Thomassian was delivered from the folly of atheism and brought to saving faith in Jesus Christ at the age of 19. After several years of service in his local congregation in Ballymoney, he was sent to Australia in 2007 by the Mission Board of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster to supply pulpits in South Australia and Tasmania. He returned in 2009 to commence training for the ministry, graduating in 2014. A few weeks later he received and subsequently accepted a call from across the Atlantic to Calgary Free Presbyterian Church and commenced his ministry there in January 2015. After a short and but encouraging ministry in Calgary, he received a call from Faith Free Presbyterian Church in 2018 and was installed as minister of the congregation in January 2019.

Rev. Thomassian’s ministry is marked by a burden in three distinct areas:

  • Recovering family worship
  • Reviving corporate prayer
  • Raising kingdom laborers

In addition to his labors at FFPC, Rev. Thomassian frequently preaches at conferences and churches around North America, and teaches Old Testament Theology at Geneva Reformed Seminary.

Sermons by Rev. Armen Thomassian

Forming the spiritual oversight of the congregation with Rev. Thomassian is Bruce Byers, Brad Carper, Ed Dunbar, Tim Farr, Charles Koelsch, Steven Lee, Paul Overly, and Byron Verdin.

Taking care of the diaconal needs of the congregation are Mark Boyd, Seth Carper, Tim Davis, Scott Foster, John Fulton, Larry Killian, Rusty Little, John Matzko, Anthony Melsom, Levi Myers, and Ben Owen.

Minister Emeritus
Dr. Alan Cairns was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and was saved as a boy in the Salvation Army. He became a member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster almost from its inception and was called by the Lord to minister in the denomination. After his graduation from the Theological Hall of the Free Church, he pastored churches in Dunmurry and Ballymoney. While ministering in Ulster, Dr. Cairns was instrumental in establishing and producing the Let the Bible Speak radio program, a ministry with worldwide influence. He also served as the professor of Systematic Theology in the theological seminary for the Ulster denomination. When he assumed the pastorate of Faith Free Presbyterian Church in Greenville, he continued both his radio and teaching ministries. It was under his direction that the training of preachers for the North American ministry of the FPC commenced in 1982. Geneva Reformed Seminary exists because of his vision and tireless labors. His radio ministry continues to be blessed as the North American version of Let the Bible Speak is reaching a vast area. Many of his sermon series have been adapted and published in book form, and his Dictionary of Theological Terms has received a wide circulation.

He and his wife, Joan, have a son who is married and retired from the U.S. Army.

After retiring to to Ballymoney, Northern Ireland, Dr. Cairns was called into the presence of Christ on November 5, 2020.

Sermons by Dr. Alan Cairns