Discipleship at Faith

Discipleship at Faith


If man’s highest duty is the worship of God, then worship is the foundation of all discipleship. We believe that our weekly worship is the primary context for discipleship in the church. We are called to worship in spirit and in truth, and to engage our minds and affections in love towards God. We encourage an atmosphere of reverence and awe; one that promotes spiritual maturation rather than mere cultural relevance, and establishes a God-ward focus in all our prayers, praise, and preaching.

Musically, we sing psalms that connect us with our spiritual forefathers from the Old Testament, and biblical hymns that are theologically rich and distinctly Christian. We are blessed to be accompanied by piano, organ, and often strings and brass as well. On top of this, twice each Sunday our pastor will help us to draw deeply from the wells of Scripture, calling us to repentance for our sins and exhorting us to trust Jesus Christ as the appointed Mediator to reconcile us to God and transform our lives.

Sunday School

This is where we take the opportunity to provide classes for various age groups, from infancy to adulthood. Everyone is instructed, and memorization of Scripture and catechisms is encouraged and rewarded.

Prayer Meeting

Our church has a number of prayer meetings, but the most significant is the mid-week prayer meeting on a Wednesday evening. The discipleship influence of the prayer meeting is often overlooked, and this influence can be seen. A new generation has arisen that has no memory or experience of how old saints laid hold upon God and pleaded the promises of God. So while it is more indirect discipleship, it is in the prayer meeting where older and more mature saints can influence and encourage children and less experienced believers in the spiritual exercise of prayer.

Youth Meeting

Once or twice a month our teens get together for games, fellowship, and instruction from the Word of God.

Family Fellowship

After every evening service we have a fellowship supper. But, once a month, we host a family fellowship meeting in one of our homes, with the purpose of enjoying food and conversation together, as well as giving consideration to topics that are important to young families. This provides ongoing discipleship in areas relevant to the challenges of marriage and raising children.

Outreach ministries

How do you learn to evangelize? How do you learn to minister to broken people? The best way is to do it. Thus, your involvement in any of our outreach ministries will itself be a discipleship program.