Geneva Reformed Seminary Scholarship

Geneva Reformed Seminary Scholarship

The oversight of Faith FPC is committed to the training of the next generation of faithful preachers. We understand your seminary education is one of the most important investments you will make for a lifetime of ministry; we want to help make that investment as accessible as possible.

Why Geneva Reformed Seminary?

Geneva Reformed Seminary (GRS) is the seminary of the Free Presbyterian Church of North America (FPCNA). The seminary is committed to Scripture, and seeks to uphold the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition of requiring the education of ministers. The primary goal of GRS is to teach and disciple men so that they can passionately, effectively, and accurately communicate the Word of God to others. In doing so:

  1. GRS provides you with the foundational knowledge necessary to preach the Word faithfully.
  2. GRS gives you access to professors who are currently engaged in pastoral ministry.
  3. GRS refines the gifts you already possess and prepares you for the challenges of church leadership and pastoral responsibilities.
  4. GRS is located on the same property as Faith FPC, placing you in proximity to an active church with opportunities to serve, pray, and enjoy the fellowship of like-minded believers.
  5. GRS is affordable ($150 per credit hour). For those preparing for ministry in the FPCNA, the cost is $125 per credit hour (which means an MDiv can be obtained for $12,000). For reference, some other small seminaries are between $200 – 300 per credit hour, with larger seminaries costing over $400 per credit hour.

What the Faith FPC Scholarship Fund provides for successful applicants

GRS has always sought to be affordable to both students in training for ministry within the FPCNA and students outside our denomination. However, the oversight of Faith FPC would like to encourage prospective pastors by helping to further alleviate the financial burden.

Successful scholarship applicants will receive up to $2,000 per school year (paid directly to GRS for your tuition), potentially cutting the total cost of the three-year program in half (meaning your MDiv can be obtained for just $6,000). In addition, some of the requirements for maintaining eligibility will keep you accountable. We require you to be involved in church and ministry life, which we believe is a vital part of your training.

Eligibility for Scholarship Fund

  • You must be a resident student enrolled at GRS.
  • You must maintain attendance at Faith FPC and be active in at least one of its ministries.
  • You must complete a minimum of 16 credit hours/school year.
  • You must meet GRS academic requirements to remain enrolled (years two and three).

For clarity, you do not need to be a member of a Free Presbyterian Church, or make any promises to enter the ministry of the FPCNA.

If you would like to know more about GRS and receive the application for our Scholarship, please complete the form below. Applications are open year round. If you are needing help relocating to Greenville for the purposes of studying at GRS, please inform the church office ( when you begin to make plans to move. We will seek to do what we can to help you.


Recent Testimonial

Faith FPC and GRS was a wonderful place to be! As a minister entering back into seminary, the Lord greatly sharpened my skills through rigorous academics and the godly piety of the professors. The fact that most of the classes are taught by men who have pastored for years, is priceless to the seminary student. What a joy to have gone to a seminary that was confessional, conservative, and that had a zeal for the souls of men!

Rev. John Kelly (Graduated 2022, licensed by the FPCNA, and sent by Faith FPC to plant a church in Fort Kent, Maine)