Milos Solc

Milos Solc

Miloš and Martina Šolc (pronounced Scholtz) have been serving as a missionaries in the Czech Republic since 2008, but his name has been known in the country’s history since the mid 30’s. Miloš’ grandfather (Miloš Solc, Sr.) was a world famous tennis player and unusually bold preacher in the former communist Czechoslovakia.

Miloš’ father (Miloš Solc, Jr.) followed in the ministerial path of his father, founded and headed many ministries within the Czech Baptist Union, and later became the president of the union.

In 1981, Miloš Jr. moved the family to Toronto, Canada to minister in the Czechoslovak Baptist Church. He later returned to pastor in Prague, but Miloš stayed behind, later married, and eventually had to leave the Baptist church because of the compromise. While working at Whitefield Christian Academy in Toronto, Miloš became increasingly burdened for the desperate spiritual state of his own people, and so returned in 2008.

Despite being initially offered a position in the first Baptist Church in Prague where his father and grandfather had ministered, he was soon rejected when the church discovered he would not accept their compromised associations and lack of separation to the gospel.

The family eventually moved to Liberec, 70 miles north of Prague with a population of 100,000, where Miloš secured a job teaching English at the University of Liberec. It was here that he began to share his faith with his students.

Eventually Miloš held regular Sunday services in rented accommodations with a number of his students attending. He continues to labor with his wife Martina and five children.

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