Reformation Weekend 2023

Reformation Weekend 2023

Join us this year for our Reformation Weekend, October 27-29, 2023.

Why should we give attention to the Protestant Reformation? It could be argued that no single event in the last 500 years has done more to shape our modern world. Much of the liberty and prosperity of America and the Western world can be traced back to what happened in the 16th century.

Every year at Faith FPC, we set aside the last weekend of October to give consideration to our Protestant heritage, and we would like you and your family to enjoy this blessing with us.


Dr John McKnight was, until recently, Senior Pastor of Reformation Bible Church in Darlington, Maryland, where he ministered since 1992. By the guidance of the Scriptures and the help of the Holy Spirit, his theological emphasis moved from Wesleyan Arminianism to Calvinism.

Dr John Matzko is the Bob Jones University archivist. He is a former chair of the Division of History, Government, and Social Science; has served as prelaw advisor since 1978; and has taught courses on ancient Rome, historiography, American legal history, and historical research and writing.


Oct 27 – Friday, 7:00 PM
Bob Jones, Young Evangelist – Dr John Matzko

Oct 28 – Saturday. 8:30 AM (Men’s Breakfast)
Beautiful upon the Mountains: America’s Circuit-Riding Methodists – Dr John McKnight

Oct 29 – Lord’s Day, 9:30 AM
The Marriage and Family Life of Martin Luther – Dr John Matzko

Lord’s Day, 11:00 AM
Early Methodist Preaching – Dr John McKnight

Lord’s Day, 6:00 PM
A Dangerous Remnant Pattern – Dr John McKnight

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