Plan Your Visit to Faith FPC

Plan Your Visit to Faith FPC

Thank you so much for checking out Faith FPC! We are a conservative, confessional, non-woke church in Greenville, SC. We believe that life is meant to be done together, and would love to have you join us for a service. Join us in person or online on Sundays at 11AM. If you would like to eat a meal with us, join us for our 6PM service.

What happens in your services? We believe the focus of corporate worship is God, not man. All our praises, prayers, and preaching communicate sobriety, reverence, and joy that is worthy of the God we love.

How long are your services? Approximately 90 minutes.

What denomination are you? We are members of a presbyterian denomination with a difference. We have an open policy on baptism, meaning baptists and presbyterians make up the membership of our church. See here to learn more.

Is child care available? We believe the Bible opposes the exclusion of children from the worship service. However, we understand that toddlers and small children can struggle for a couple of years. Thus, at every service we have a nursery team to help parents with small children.

What to do next

The best way to get a feel for our community and our Christ-centered emphasis, is to join us this Sunday. To help us prepare for your arrival, click the Plan Your Visit button that hovers at the bottom of this page and fill in a few details. If you do that you can expect:

  • Look out for you and greet you
  • Get your small children signed in with the nursery team
  • Take you to your seat
  • Give you a welcome pack
  • Introduce you to the pastor at your request

Plan Your Visit today…