Geneva Reformed Seminary

Geneva Reformed Seminary


Faith shares its location with the seminary of our denomination, Geneva Reformed Seminary.

In keeping with the Reformed and Presbyterian tradition of requiring the education of ministers, the primary goal of Geneva Reformed Seminary is to prepare men to be preachers. It is our desire to produce preachers who know God and His word, and who can passionately, effectively, and accurately communicate the word of God to others. Getting from the text of Scripture to the pulpit is the target of the entire curriculum. Consequently, special weight is given to the mastery of the English Bible. Achieving that mastery includes instruction in necessary ancillary hermeneutic, apologetic, and practical courses.

Significant emphasis is placed on learning the original biblical languages and using them as essential tools in the exegetical and expositional process. A thoroughly biblical and historically Reformed systematic theology forms the unifying framework and bedrock for the whole program.

The Holy Spirit sovereignly distributes the calling and gifts necessary for the ministry. The function of the seminary is to cultivate those God-given gifts for the glory of God and for the good of the church. If that cultivation is to be successful, the seminary must address the needs of the heart, head, and hands. Devotion to God, academic excellence, and service experience must fuse for effective ministerial training. To that end, GRS is committed to providing an education that is spiritual, academic, and practical.

Recognizing and seeking to avoid the lamentable abuses and unfortunate caricatures of Reformed and covenant theology, the seminary stands without apology for the historic Reformed faith and pursues a strongly fervent evangelistic mission. GRS is pledged to a biblical, fundamental, separatist, evangelistic, and Reformed ministry. We believe that this combination makes Geneva Reformed Seminary unique.

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